1. I got the nicest comment last night and it made me feel so good. Thanks for your kind thoughts Keith.

2. We have a possum that has been hanging around outside my office. He’s charmingly ugly. Aren’t they supposed to be nocturnal though? Makes me worry about him….


3. When I came to work yesterday everything was covered with a freezing fog. It was gorgeous but already melting as the sun came through so I wasn’t able to get much in the way of pictures. The edge of every leaf and branch was just covered with a tiny edging of soft frost….



4. Today is Leo’s parent-teacher conference. I’m bringing my camera so I can take a picture of the inside of the bathroom in his classroom. He admits he’s never seen it—just seen a little bit through the open door…..sigh….but as he told me last night, “I DON’T LIKE ALL THE QUESTIONS” sigh.

5. Ernie’s wins the hard day award today. Take Leo to school at 7:30. Get Owen ready (this is an amazing feat in of itself) and take him to school for 9:00. Then pick up my father and take him to get his hair cut (hopefully the barber will be anti-Bush) then take him to the bank. And remember, my father moves about an inch an hour. Then back to pick up Leo for early dismissal at 11:00 and then over to get Owen at 12:00. At that point I would collapse but he also gets to do all sorts of other tasks.

6. So….Leo gets out at 11:00 this morning. He wanted to bring his lunch JUST IN CASE though. However he wanted to carry it in his backpack to which he normally adamently opposed. I guess he wanted to bring it just in case he would need it but he didn’t want to let anyone KNOW…unless he needed it….. I love my sweet pea.

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