1. Whew! Just in from a walk outside—and bit of trying to push a neighbor’s car out (to no avail). It is amazing out there. I don’t know if it’s the child in me or what but I LOVE this weather. Here’s a picture of bleak Church Street near out house.


So after chatting to a few other neighbors out int he street we slogged through the snow down to Huber’s. The boys got to buy candy and Ernie and I had a drink and a few peanuts and everybody in the place watched cars getting stuck outside. School has already been cancelled for the boys tomorrow. Frankly I don’t know how I will get out–between our alley and our dead end street that never gets plowed. I am SO glad that Ernie picked up my parents’ prescriptions last night and took them over.


2. Owen says he’s going to marry me but he’ll have his own house and I won’t be the boss of it (which means he’ll get to throw crumpled up paper into the fireplace whenever he wants). He’s also taken to calling me Valentine.

3. At Huber’s as we sat around a table in the window, a round-eyed Owen said, “what if the snow got all the way up to the MOON?” Leo sighed and replied matter of factly, “well, we’d be snowed in Owen.” I love my sweet peas.



4. I hear whining downstairs—-I think the expedition in the snow was somewhat exhausting. That’s o.k. I’ll just ignore it and I’ve got turkey soup bubbling on the stove. It might be time to go start a fire….that will make my Owen happy….

5. Owen has decided to become a racecar driver (taking time out from his busy schedule as a firefighter, a rock star, a baker, and a doctor on the weekends). Here he is in his racecar….

6. Leo, on the other hand, spent much of our time at Huber’s explaining to me how difficult and complicated it is to run a model railroad. He then presented several scenarios of x number of diesels and x number of locomotives, etc., etc.

7. I was supposed to take my father to the doctor tomorrow but that looks unlikely. I don’t want to take them out in this….

8. Well, cross your fingers that the University gives in and cancels work for another day. I imagine I’d get stir crazy after awhile but right now I am so happy to be home with all my guys.

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