Last night, at long last, Owen composed his letter to Adam Schmitt:

Dear Adam Schmitt,

I love your songs very much.  They’re really great.  I dance in my room to them.  My favorite song is the doot-doot song (Speed Kills)

The end.

Have a nice day.
I love your songs.


There’s a surprise on Monday.

Evidently the surprise on Monday will be when he finally performs a song he has written for Adam Schmitt.  He also had me take a picture of him to send although at first he was concerned that his lips are all chapped and he wouldn’t look good.  See what I get for nagging him about putting something on his lips?  Anyway—here he is—-wearing his favorite ‘rock and roll’ shirt.
Owen said he wanted to send the letter on "the ‘puter" so now I guess I have to find Adam’s (actually Owen doesn’t like it when we refer to him as ‘Adam’….he insists on ‘Adam SCHMITT’) email address.  Poor Owen has been kind of homebound with Leo sick (and his mother semi-sick) and last night he was more wound up than I have EVER seen him.  He was practically doing cartwheels across the living room while screaming with laughter.  At one point as he danced up to me I said to him, "do you know who you look like right now?"  I planned to say ‘your father’ but he looked up at me so hopefully and said, "Adam Schmitt?" that I had to say, "yes, you look like Adam Schmitt."  My sweet pea.
In other exciting news (well, other than Leo has finally stopped throwing up) I walked into the media room this morning and found the boys curled up next to each other with Bob the cat.  They looked up at me in delight and practically shouted, "Mommy, Bob said his first word!"  I cautiously said, "oh really, what did he say?" and they excitedly said "he said OW."  Poor Bob.  Bob has got to be one of the most patient and sweet cats ever.