Next up in the Ernie’s Big Box of 45’s Series is Cult Hero. Reportedly done by Robert Smith of the Cure with a few others, it tended to be the signature piece of a Milktoast set. Ernie just said to me, “I can’t remember, did people actually ask Milktoast back for encores?” I assured them that they did. Particularly after Pat Dailey sang/drummed this song while wearing a wig. Ah, long gone days….

Anyway, this is an odd Italian promo that Ernie picked up while working at 2nd Hand Tunes. In the run off groove on side A it says “Thanks Robert–not for money–but for fun–just for fans.” On the B side it says “We love you–so much–not for money–but for your fans.”



Here’s Cult Hero….

and here’s Milktoast….

One thought on “Cult Hero

  1. I don’t know what you’re using for your audio links but they don’t work for me. They just lock up the browser with a looping click. Must be a Mac thing.