Ernie finally got his Christmas present—long backordered by Amazon. Actually Amazon emailed me and said it was now backordered until APRIL so I cancelled that order and got it from somewhere else in just a few days. It’s a turntable that hooks to your computer to digitze your vinyl. Now granted it will always be better on vinyl…but this way when he makes cd’s I don’t have to listen to him whine about the perfect song that ‘he ‘only has on vinyl.’ So he hauled out one of his huge boxes of 45’s and we’ve been listening to some of them and putting them on the computer. Thus begins a new feature: Ernie’s Big Box of 45’s.


First up is Radio Stars doing Dirty Pictures, showing that Owen’s love of power pop is genetic. I really like the fact that the price tag on it says ‘Record Dept.’ A bit of Ernie’s rambling excitment about this single:

feel the weight of that, just feel it—it feels like something…like a RECORD…now, the bass player was in a band named Jet—I’ve got that album. Oh, and Andy Ellison was the singer and he played in a band with Mark Bolan—John’s Children I think it was—before they became T Rex. They had one minor hit—can’t think what it was…. what a GREAT band…..I used to think it would be great if they toured with Cheap Trick….

He would ramble on longer but I’ll leave it at that….


You can hear all the vinyl pops and hisses here…I know we could edit them out but honestly, I think Ernie likes them….

Listen to it and then watch this video of them doing “No Russians in Russia” on the Marc Bolan show…. Life is good….

3 thoughts on “Introducing….

  1. That’s wonderful! What a great new feature. I LOVE seeing the album cover and label. And once I get my speakers fixed, I can listen, too. You have it all going on over there! Man — I haven’t heard an actual record play for eons. How sad.
    I have a little pile of my dad’s 78’s. Don’t know if they would even play anymore. I don’t have any LPs, though. Finally got rid of them about 5 years ago.

  2. Oh man, this is great! I can only hope this is the first of many, many more. And 78s? There’s some software that will let you record them at 45 and then increase playback speed to 78 in the software. Or you can go the route of Esoteric Sound ( and buy a specialty turntable that’ll play those 17′ transcription discs as well as 78 and 16 rpm records. Hooray for the internets!