Just got back from the best birthday party for a five year old that I’ve ever been too—maybe because there was wine involved (not for the five year olds), a fire in the fireplace and good food. I really wanted to stay longer but the boys were starting to short out, so to speak.

My friend Van sent me this from youtube and I absolutely love it….at least it gets me off my sad song kick….

I get home early on Fridays and took a nap! Ernie went and ran errands and ran into my boss at the grocery store—he didn’t want her to think he was there to buy just wine and beer (which he was) so he loaded up his cart with vegetables too. I love my husband.

Parent-teacher conferences were good—my boys are basically wonderful (well, that’s my interpretation of course). Leo’s teacher seems to think he is so well-behaved that it’s almost worrying—-I enthusiastically reassured her that he misbehaves PLENTY at home. My sweet pea. I also photo-documented the class bathroom. I have yet to show them to Leo….waiting for JUST the right time…..