O.K., here’s a cool picture of my husband that I wanted to post.

HOWEVER, there is another issue to discuss….. WHAT is UP with the lack of comments? Now I know my blog has a small (read miniscule) little readership but what has happened to you all? Comments make me VERY happy. I never post things urging people to delurk because I’m a born lurker myself….but hey, it’s February….I’m sure a comment or two will make us ALL feel like spring is coming…..


8 thoughts on “My guy and comments

  1. It is a cool picture of Ernie. Well, I don’t think you have been posting much lately…of course you corrected me on this. Manybe thin postings…not the one on the Chicago trip…and, by the way, the train store looked way cool. Hmmmm… Love you all, miss you all, Judi

  2. Well, even all the way in China I can be prompted to drop in a comment now and then 🙂 Hope all’s well there and that you’re staying warm!

  3. I’m too freaking cold to comment! What’s UP with this weather? Highs of 9?? I thought living on Lake Ontario was bad .. I’ll take the snow anyday over this windy, barren prairie.
    Anyhoo … here I am. Reading you every time you post. Hugs!

  4. I’ve been sick! ANd barely able to write in my own blog, much less comment anywhere! It’s a nasty virus, hope if doesn’t make its way south.
    Also, typepad was down for a few days there, at least when I tried….