o.k…..my computer says it i s 4 degrees below zero this morning…will we never come out of this deepfreeze? My big head boy (aka Leo) is still sick, meaning Ernie is off the hook for taking my Dad to get his hair cut and to the bank. Hopefully Leo will be better tomorrow so Ernie can get Dad to his neurology appointment. Although frankly, I’m not all that concerned about that…..I mean what is he going to say? You got Alzheimer’s? Gee, thanks, had no idea.

Anyway, it’s below zero, my kid is sick, got a busy week at work, a new research project to do on the side, my sales tax to turn it, my income tax to do and the estimate for our small kitchen floor came in at $2,700. Give me something to look forward to, PLEASE. I still want to figure out how to get to a Steeldrivers show. THAT would be something to look forward to. The clips on the website and their MySpace page (man I hate MySpace—-does anyone over 40 really like it or is it just me?) sound fantastic. If Ernie’s ever had a guy-crush it was definitely Mike Henderson. The night Henderson wrote his phone number on a napkin and gave it to Ernie, tellling him to call if he were in town, Ernie paled to a degree I had never seen (and the guy is pretty pale to begin with) and looked like he might fall over. We used to have a copy of an old Kevin Welch video and Henderson had this push button guitar. We used to slow the video down and watch him pushing the buttons frame by frame and laugh ourselves silly. Of course we’d probably had a few drinks when we did that. Anyway, Henderson looks and sounds as cool as ever and Miss Tammy, well, let’s just say Ernie’s always had a soft spot for Miss Tammy…..as do I.


Well, it’s good to have a goal in life, huh?

3 thoughts on “goals….

  1. I detest MySpace. It’s for teenagers and desperate people trying to “hook up”. It lacks depth and creativity–it has no substance.
    Have you considered doing the kitchen floor yourselves? It’s really not that hard.