1. Well, I have weakened and we’re doing something selfish. We’re driving up to see Eileen and ACTUALLY GO AND HEAR SOME MUSIC. It means we have to reschedule my parent’s anniversary dinner and the boys will miss their second art class but man, I haven’t been to Fitzgerald’s (my favorite place to see music) since before Leo was born…. The guys are absolutely intoxicated with the idea of going. Owen woke up this morning, stretched like a little cat and said, “I can’t wait. Do you know what that means Mommy?” When I inquired he replied, “it means you’re so happy you can’t believe it.” Of course I don’t know if it has sunk in that there is a babysitter involved but I DID tell them. They just kind of ignored me.

2. Just had an intensely irritating phone call with my mother. She needs a prescription before we leave and I told her she should call it in and Ernie will pick it up. I think she really wanted me to call but she IS capable of making phone calls. She said she didn’t know when she could because she hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. I know mornings are bad for her and she’s waiting for my father to do it but if she really needs food she can put the darn cheerios and milk in her walker basket and get them over to the table. There is a point where she is not going to be able to count on him for some things but she won’t really admit it. I’ve talked with her about the fact that it’s not just that Dad forgets things—-his mind just doesn’t work the same way but she seems to think if she just reminds him of things it will be fine. ARGH. This is why I need to go hear music and the hell with changing plans and spending money we don’t have. I don’t know why I got so irritated.

3. We’ve been having a marathon of easy-bake oven baking. When I came home last night Ernie was frosting a little cake that the boys had made. Here are pictures from the previous night.


Of course most pictures we take of Leo he manages to hold his hand in front of his face. His timing is impeccable.


Man, I always wanted an easybake oven…


4. No, I do not know why my children aren’t wearing clothes. Our house is old and drafty, it’s freezing outside and we keep the temperature set between 66 and 68. Wouldn’t you think they’d be cold? Goofballs.

5. This is what I get to hear tonight, thank God….

6. Saturday we’ll do something fun with the guys and then head home. Owen wants to see a skyscraper, Leo says no. We’ll see…..