1. Just this morning I was thinking about writing a post complaining that all the snow we’ve had this winter has arrived at night so I haven’t been able to enjoy watching it snow. I can complain no more. I am supremely happy watching the snow….


2. Of course given that it’s only 10 degrees out my hands were practically frostbit after wandering around in the snow taking pictures….but it was worth it.


3. I think we need a new water heater. Whenever it’s this cold out I don’t get tons of hot water. Our bathroom was so cold last night I couldn’t make Leo take a bath even though he should have. Let’s just say that our first floor bathroom wasn’t exactly built by a licensed contractor…..the shampoo has been known to freeze while sitting on the corner of the tub, the pipes freeze whenever it gets below 10 degrees at night (unless we keep the water running) and to top things off, the switch for the light over the sink is in the basement…..

4. We’re going over to my parents tonight to celebrate their anniversary. Do you realize what this means? Yes. I am going to miss the Gilmore Girls. sigh. Of course we’re celebrating their anniversary tonight instead of last Friday because I blew them off to go see Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Fats Kaplin….but that’s beside the point.

5. Every single workday morning I make myself lunch to bring to work. Why would it all of a sudden not occur to me one morning? That’s why I have time to post right now….because I forgot my damn lunch. I do have almonds to snack on. And I get to watch the snow….


2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the plain old Sandwich Life

  1. Your shampoo freezes???
    I’d give you the number of a good private contractor–but he’s awaiting trial right now.
    I’m enjoying the snow today too. I can’t wait to stop at the store after work–get a bottle of Shiraz–bake brownies and snuggle in for the night.