1. I’m so happy I made Mrs. Chicken’s blog!!

2. I’m sympathetic and all….but I can’t believe I had to trudge through thigh high snow drifts in order to get to my job today. Come on UIUC….. O.K., it doesn’t look that deep in this picture but honest it was….


3. Anybody have any idea where I can come up with a recording of Thomas Adès’ production of The Tempest? I’m stumped.

4. Ernie’s sick. I hate it when Ernie’s sick. He’s one of those people that is always moving and when he gets sick he gets still.

5. Rick Orr (well, not Rick Orr himself I suppose) delivered my tulips to work today THROUGH THE THIGH HIGH SNOWDRIFTS! I am WAY impressed….and they were beautiful too…..


6. The test run of the Pinewood Derby is tomorrow night. Leo is immensely proud of his car. It was designed to look like a railroad spike. I love my sweet pea.

7. O.K….back to work…..

2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. oh don’t worry—there will be LOTS of documentation of the the car….tomorrow evening is the weigh-in and test run. I will send Ernie with the camera….