We continued our tour of breakfast spots while the boys were in Saturday Art School this morning. This morning we tested the Apple Dumpling in rural Urbana. I was going to take a picture but it was too heartstopping to document. Two eggs, over easy, sausage and potatoes—we order the same thing so we can compare and contrast. Sausage—pleasantly spicy but an awfully fine texture and a bit dry. The potatoes were served under a blanket of sausage gravy which is something I always think I will like—I mean it’s got sausage in it and it’s unhealthy…..but I think it’s one of those things you have to grow up with to enjoy. So overall perhaps two stars…

Came home and checked in with my mother to see if I could bring Dad in to get his hearing aid worked on and she had a little story for me. Turns out that yesterday evening while we were at Sophie’s birthday party they discovered they were out of cat food. Now mind you—-they could have waited til we were home and called us but no….Dad decided he had to walk to the store—-through the the still slushy and icy roads and sidewalks—-and buy some catfood. So off he went. He showed up about a half hour later with catfood and fed the cats. I gather there was a bit of tension in the air as my mother was furious but she finally asked if he’d gotten a ride. Sure enough he had—-see, when a bent over 82 year old man falls on ice—lots of people gather. He says about ten people were there and one of them drove him to the store, waited while Dad go the catfood and then drove him home. Mom asked him how he could hear the man, as his hearing aids aren’t working, and Dad just replied that they didn’t talk much. I told Mom she could have called us—she even could have called us at Ann’s house-we weren’t that far away–but she said she didn’t want to do that. I tried to point out that it would be preferable to ‘interrupt’ us than to have Dad walk through the ice… She kind of ignored me…..argh…..Dad says he doesn’t even have a bruise and I think is rather pleased with how it all turned out…. And I wonder why the boys are stubborn and difficult…..

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