It is six degrees below zero. The snow makes me incredibly happy but this below zero temperature stuff is not my favorite. Although last night we were sitting watching tv in our little media room, which is usually cold at night and I commented to Ernie that it felt much warmer—that it must be warming up outside. When I walked out into the dining room—where the thermostat is located—I thought ‘oh my god, it’s HOT in here’ so I went over to check the temperature.


All I can say is….Owen.

Evidently my little sweet pea has watched us adjusting the temperature and just figured when he felt a bit chilly he’d do it himself… was at 79 degrees. Owen is just a ‘can do’ kind of guy—which has its good points….and then the other kind of points….

This picture seems appropriate here–given that he’s wearing a Dead Reckoning hat and giving off that, ‘well, I’ll just do it myself’ vibe….


Also,when I got home last night Owen was playing outside in the snow by himself which seemed a bit odd. Leo said he wanted to stay inside though. Should have known. Then Leo lay down on the couch and said we had nothing to eat that he liked. The comment—not unusual. The laying down on the couch—unusual. Should have known. Fever, vomiting, etc…..and today was art class and Chess Club. sigh.