Well, I was going to post happy little pictures of the boys making pizza last night…..pressing out the dough, grating cheese, Leo putting nothing but chocolate chips on his and even then refusing to eat it…..Owen happily eating his then giving me a thumbs up and saying in a wondering voice, “this was a good idea Mommy!”  The morning got thrown off however by Ernie waking up in terrible pain after having had the good fortune to walk on a nail yesterday.  Is this possibly because we never got a dumpster and got rid of trash after our kitchen remodel and instead left things piled up by the garage?  Uh, yeah, probably.  I wasn’t even that sympathetic when he told me because all I could think was, “that could have been one of my BABIES with a nail in their foot—what were you thinking leaving that there?" And “oh well, you’ve had a tetanus shot.”  Once I got past the visual of one of the guys with a nail in their foot I did become more sympathetic.  He seemed fine yesterday however—even taking the guys to the schoolyard to ride their bikes and shoot baskets.  This morning was a different story however and he is going to hobble off to the doctor.  We even had a babysitter tonight but I think he’ll probably be better off sitting on the couch with his foot up.  Poor guy—-he’s had enough of doctors in the last few years….and he’s pretty stoic so if I can tell he’s hurting then he’s REALLY hurting.

When I left for work this morning I kissed the guys and reminded them that Daddy had hurt his foot so they would have to be really good and get things for themselves and for Daddy.  Owen nodded his head seriously and then said, “can you tell Daddy to come here so I can tell him something?”  It really is like talking to a doorknob sometimes….