Oh. My. Gosh.  I decided it would be fun to take the boys to the Vet Med Open House today.  Leo of course didn’t want to go.  I told him I would drop him at Grandma and Grandpa’s house then because his brother DID want to go.  Then he wanted doughnuts…  I said no doughnuts unless he goes to the Open House with us.  Much negotiation and low volume growling later he agreed.  So I picked them up from art class and off we went.  I. Had. NO. Idea.  MILLIONS of people.  We parked about a mile away and trudged towards it and entered the building only to come to a standstill.  It was utterly packed.  I’m sure it’s a wonderful event but with two little guys, one of whom hates crowds, and one parent it was overwhelming.  We looked at a few animals and then the guys began begging to see the cow with a hole in its stomach.  After trudging through crowds for a mile or so we finally found the line.  They insisted I put my hand in the cows’ stomach.  So for my boys I did.  Owen was going to look in the cow’s stomach but got a bit shy and just watched me.  Needless to say, Leo waited outside.  We spied a door and fled and walked the miles back to the car.  Leo just kept saying, "that was a TERRIBLE place and I am NEVER going back there" while Owen calmly said, "next time just Mom and I are coming."

I had to admit that Leo deserved doughnuts after all those crowds so then we started the discussion of what kind of doughnuts.  They insist on getting a dozen so I said they could each pick six.  Owen said he wanted three blueberry, so I said, "o.k. do you want your other three to be chocolate covered with sprinkles" and he said yes.  Then Leo said he wanted six chocolate covered with sprinkles and Owen said, "why does Leo always get more than me?"  I explained that they each got six and we went through the whole thing again only to have Owen end up saying "Leo always gets more than me".  GRRRRRRR.  I finally just said I was ordering the doughnuts and I didn’t want to hear about it.  I just could not get it through Owen’s head that they were getting the same number of doughnuts.  So we drove from the Vet school in Urbana to the Champaign Dunkin’ Doughnuts only to be told they had no chocolate covered with sprinkles OR blueberry.  The boys took it calmly and said matter of factly "o.k. we’ll just go to the other one".  sigh.  So I went BACK to Urbana and ordered them there.  They only had five chocolate covered with sprinkles but gave us four vanilla covered with sprinkles which delighted the guys.  We finally got home and Owen threw off his clothes, put on a cartoon and said, "can I have some macaroni?".  "NOOOOO" I yelled, "you’re having doughnuts".  ARGH.

2 thoughts on “Cows and Doughnuts

  1. I had a neighbor decades ago who was in that U.I. program and had told me about the “holey cow” they show but I never went to see it. Hmmm…Doughnuts have holes in them too… Owen has holes in his logic… Looks like the theme for the day.