I have just a few recurring dreams.  I don’t always remember my other dreams that well—except of course for that one time with all the hot air balloons outside my balcony in Chicago and the beach was filled with people holding different colored umbrellas and the whole thing was somehow sponsored by Marlboro….don’t know  WHAT I’d been doing that evening….  Anyway, I have two recurring dreams, one is the typical student one—-it is time for finals and it turns out I never attended class or did the papers, or I forgot to drop the class, etc.  I still routinely have that dream in times of stress.  The other dream is always of my grandparents’ house in Maine.  36 Dirigo Street in Portland…here it is on a visit a year or two ago:


They moved there when I was roughly six years old I believe.  I LOVED that house.  It had glass doorknobs and dormer windows and a fireplace and corner cupboards in the dining room.  There were raspberry bushes and roses and little frogs that hopped around in the back yard.  There was a line of pine trees at the back of the yard and my grandpa would bury the lobster shells back there.  There was a screened in porch on the other side of the house and we would sit out there in the evening while the grown ups had a cocktail and I had ginger ale.  I really loved that little house  My grandfather left Maine to live with my parents somewhere around 1983 but over the years I have repeatedly dreamed about it.  Most often, I am going back and finding it abandoned with all my grandparents’ things in it.  Sometimes I am trying to clear it out after my grandparents are gone.  None of it ever makes much sense as is the way with dreams.  Last night I had another version of the dream….I was trying to empty out the house but this version had an unusual twist:  the Vertebrats were playing on top of the roof at the same time….

What could this mean?

3 thoughts on “36 Dirigo Street

  1. Cynthia, funny thing, we actually WERE playing on that roof last night. You weren’t dreaming. Pretty steep pitch, it was. My calves are KILLING me.
    I miss my flying dreams. I used to try to have them when I was a kid, but it never worked. Kind of like trying to make a snow day happen.