I think perhaps I’m recovering from my week. I woke up with two sweet little boys in my bed, cuddling me and telling me they love me so the day obviously can’t be all bad. I dropped them off at art class and trotted off to Target to buy all sorts of things, including a coffee maker with an automatic shut off for my parents. I’m tired of scrubbing burnt coffee and it doesn’t seem particularly safe for them to leave it on all night on a regular basis. Picked up the boys….they had a great time although Leo refused to use clay and drew pictures instead. sigh. I came home, made lunch and laid on my bed alternating dozing and talking to the boys. Mostly they just wanted to know, “how long til James’ party?”….over and over and over. We got to the party and my friends were so nice to me that it almost made me cry. I dropped the guys off and went to Pier 1 and spent too much money on a couple of pillows for my couch and candles for my mantel. My plan was to go Fries and Peanuts and have a glass of wine and read a garden catalogue. I was picturing it quiet on a late Saturday afternoon. I walked in and it was utterly packed…..I went to the bathroom, walked out, looked around, and left. Got back in car and finally decided to just go home for a bit. When I did I realized that the pillows I bought don’t work at all on my couch and they charged me full price for the candles I thought were on sale. Oh well.

I picked up the boys—they were happy and sweet….came home and they blew bubbles until it started to get dark. I’m spacy and tired but at least Ernie called and said he’d had a pretty good show. I fed the boys and need to make something for myself. I think I’d be much thinner if I were a single mother….mostly I’ve eaten popcorn and string cheese…..

Ernie’s home tomorrow…..if I can get through the morning with my folks…and lunch with them and the boys I’m almost home free…..