I had Friday off unexpectedly due to the kindness of my boss.  OH what a difference three days make.  It was rainy yesterday so after enjoying Ernie’s homemade muffins that we never seem to have time for in the morning these days we scooped up the boys and went antiquing.  Didn’t buy a whole lot but had a good time.   Much to Leo’s hyperventilating delight and our financial dismay, turns out Hobbyland, with a huge model railroad set up, is right next to one of the shops we went to.  A few $ later we headed back home to a late lunch at Fries and Peanuts. As we walked up, Owen wondered aloud if Adam Schmitt would stop by when we were there.  I told him that the odds weren’t too good but he merely ignored me and said, "if he comes and he doesn’t know how to play pool, I could show him."  I did tell him that was awfully nice of him….







Today was a big day because it was the lat day we could go to Carmon’s before the current owner sells it.  The boys are devotees of his pancakes, and his friendliness, so there was much sadness in the house.  They both drew pictures for him—Leo’s was of a freight train full of pancakes and Owen’s was of a firetruck shooting syrup and was the most phallic looking image I’ve ever seen.  Ernie turned bright red trying not to laugh and I assured Owen it was beautiful but asked if maybe he wanted to draw another.  nope.  So he brought it and when he gave it to him I explained what it was–despite other possible interpretations.  He laughed and thanked the boys.  They were quite pleased with themselves.

Here they are waiting outside on the sidewalk (longgggg wait today):



You’ll notice fewer pictures of Leo these days as most of them look like this:


We also broke down and bought cel phones today.  Yes, I know, I know, most people got them years ago but I hate phones.  This IS the modern world however, as The Jam said…..

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