Monday again and spring break is over.  I thought  yesterday  might kill me but evidently I have survived.  Church with Dad, coffee at the parish hall with war stories, shopping and then a couple of hours of trying to clean their increasingly disorganized house.  When I got home I could barely talk I was so exhausted.  Ernie’s foot is getting better slowly although if he does too much, which he does, it gets swollen.  This week will be a busy week so I have lots to do…..I’ll just share a couple more pictures from the weekend….

A bouquet picked by the boys for me….in an old Jesus Lizard shot glass.  My heart just breaks when the boys bring me flowers.  I probably should have told them not to pick flowers from the neighbor’s yard but I couldn’t…..


My little scholar madly trying to finish his spring break homework:


Yes, the other front tooth is out.  It was so loose that Leo actually said I could try to pull it out….I reached in and it came right out and we all giggled from the excitement….  I think he was excited to go to school today and tell his friend Luke all about it…..




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