I ended up going through a box of old pictures this morning and oh, did I have fun. First up, rare photo-documentation of Milktoast.  Look at my beautiful boy.  I always have had a soft spot for bass players…


The inimitable Pat Dailey, wig and all:


and of course David Conroyd:


The weird thing is that David still looks the same….and now on to the Vertebrats.  I don’t know where these poloroids came from—I think they might have been taken by Ernie’s old girlfriend—neither one of us ever had a Poloroid–which means they predate January of 1981.  Anyway—they’re great and oh my, do the guys look young…..






Then a random shot of Ernie doing a song with a band I can’t recall the name of:


And then Stephanie, this is just for you—-a party where a similarly amazing picture of my hair was taken:


ahhhhh, memories…..



5 thoughts on “Champaign in the 1980s

  1. Those polaroids must be from summer or fall of 1980. I wonder if this was an SX-70 camera. They were hugely popular, and trendy, too. They did kind of make the photo look like a painting, but now they just look ancient. Matt was between sophomore and junior years at Central High.
    I think Ernie should get his hair cut like that again. There’s a good-looking man in there.

  2. The photo of Ernie onstage is from when he sang The Romantics’ “Tomboy” for In Color at Mabel’s. (That’s my bass-playing knee on the right.) That show also featured a guest performance by Jon “Jeb” Bonansinga of Red, Hot and Blue. That must have been right around winter 1983.
    BTW, I have Ernie’s performance on cassette. I might have to dig it out and post it. 🙂