1. Time is going by too quickly. That means deadlines for all sorts of things are creeping up AND my boys are growing up too fast.

2. Last night Owen convinced me to sleep in his bed with him. He was so happy. He’d wake up every so often, pat my arm and say “I love you Mommy.” I can’t say it was the most restful night of my life but it’s nice to snuggle….and feel so loved by a teeny little guy. I imagine things will change soon enough.

3. Now Leo wants me to sleep in his bed one night. He just looked at me and shyly said, “you can sleep in my bed whenever you want Mommy.” Leo isn’t an obvious flirt the way Owen is but he has his ways. Last night they were taking pictures and he wanted to take one of me and I said “oh no Leo—I don’t look good” and he just paused, looked at me with those big brown eyes and said seriously, “well, you look beautiful to me Mom.” ….my sweet pea.

4. Ernest has gone and registered Owen for kindergarten WITHOUT ME. My BABY and I didn’t even get to register him for kindergarten. I’ll NEVER register anybody for kindergarten AGAIN. I can’t believe he did that without me. ohhhhhhhhh…..the hurt…..

5. My aerogarden is doing very well….everything is up and growing pretty quickly! The day the cilantro came up at long last Leo almost burst with the excitement of telling me.


6. I have an old tripod and the boys love putting our camera on it and taking pictures of each other. Last night they took turns racing through the living room trying to beat the camera. It made for some great pictures.



7. We just got home from Mom and Dad’s. We finally celebrated their anniversary and then our two minivans (I came straight from work) raced home. It is amazing how happy it makes us to have our two minivans streaking down University Avenue trying to beat each other home. I had the lead for awhile but the boys triumphed—-to their great, fist-pumping joy…..