1. I’ve been feeling too busy, overwhelmed and tired to post the last few days. Saturday morning Leo woke up sick and laid there on the couch looking limp and pathetic. He didn’t want to go to art class which was o.k. with me…..BUT there was an antique show Ernie and I really wanted to go to. First we did the: ‘well, you go without me’ “no, YOU go without me’ thing but we both really wanted to go. So now I will share with you what a bad mother I am. I said, “Leo sweetie, if we got you doughnuts do you think you could go to the antique show just for a little while?” Sweet thing that he is he said yes although he looked so pathetic in the van and didn’t even eat the doughnuts making me feel VERY guilty.

2. The boys were angels at the show (whew!) and we bought several things. Owen dragged me over to look at a basket. I admired it and when he asked, told him that it cost $130. His little shoulders slumped and he looked up at me and said, “someday I’m going to find you a basket that you’re really going to love Mommy”. My sweet pea.


3. We stopped by a junky antique mall and found a couple of things and got the boys a couple of model cars so they were happy and Leo started to perk up. I bought an old milkbox that says Champaign Urbana Dairy and I’m going to use it for tax receipts. That’s because I worked on our taxes over the weekend and almost ended up in tears. Not that our taxes were that horrible but because I was so horribly unorganized and couldn’t find any receipts. NEXT YEAR……


4. The other day Ernie was helping Leo with his homework. It said “draw a picture of your favorite zoo animal and write its name under the picture.”

Leo: I don’t like any zoo animals.

Ernie: oh come on dude—what about elephants?

Leo: no

Ernie: how about giraffes?

Leo: no

Ernie: What about pandas? Everybody likes pandas….

Leo: no

it went on like this until Leo asked his father to write “I don’t like any zoo animals” on his homework

Ernie: Ohhhh, noooooo dude, I am not writing that—it that’s what you want to say you have to write it yourself.

Leo: How do you spell animal?

Ernie: It’s there in the question….

Leo: oh, right

He then proceeded to write “I don’t like any zoo animals” on it and put it back in his backpack to turn in.

How does a kid not like any zoo animals? He also told me he hates crayons. How do you hate crayons? He does love markers though so I guess not all is lost. They each got a new set of markers and were absolutely thrilled. Oh to have markers make me that happy…..

5. Most importantly however…….spring is coming….my daffodils are pushing through!!