I really meant to write a more cohesive post but that just doesn’t seem likely at the moment….so bear with me….

1.  Went to the Boy Scout store to buy Leo’s pack or den or whatever it is number for his new cub scout shirt.  He was adamantly opposed to the little neck kerchief thing which was very disappointing.  I also found the whole place unnerving with books like Fossil Hunting right next to the Jesus for Life workbook. I kid you not……anything for my sweet pea though….

2.  Saturday was one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in ages.  An hour and a half at the Model Railroad show followed by a lazy brunch with good friends.  And then a gift from my friend Sasha.  She was at my wedding a million years ago and told me she’d give me a painting so when she moved back down here a while back I harassed her about it—JOKINGLY—HONEST!  However she generously gave me a painting of hers yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled.  It’s over the mantel—I’ll have to take a picture and post it.

3. Of course Leo and Owen insisted they had to go back to the model railroad show on Sunday and I couldn’t argue as it is this incredible natural high for them.  Leo practically floats around and earnestly chats away to people about trains.  Owen happily skips from train to train.  So I had the bright idea that my parents should go with us.  We’ve got a wheelchair for my mother now so she couldn’t argue. So after a somewhat sleepy morning at church—I just cannot decipher one of the priest’s accent and it was a LONG reading and sermon and it just becomes white noise.  My father kept dozing off and I wasn’t much better.  I valiantly tried to keep my eyes open as it would be too pathetic if the two people sitting in the front pew right in front of him BOTH dozed off.  Anyway—it took two vans to get us all over to the Model Railroad show and it was somewhat exhausting but still good. Having my father push my mother’s wheelchair is not the best idea given that he gets confused and can’t hear.  My poor mother—talk about giving up control…..LOL.  I would start yelling, "Dad, Dad….STOP!" and clapping my hands to get his attention.  Ernie snickered at me, I think he thought I was treating my father like a dog but hey—-clapping works sometimes….   My folks  bought the boys a couple of train dvds which they love.


4.  Sunday afternoon I tried to wake myself from my post-church and post-model railroad show coma by doing some work in the yard.  To make myself happy I planted some pansies.  Hopefully they’ll be o.k.—-they can take some frost and their sunny faces make me happy.  Leo helped me plant them…..I think he might be my gardener….


5.  I could never be a teacher or someone who works with kids because I just don’t like some of them.  We are SO lucky that we love Leo’s best friend and his family….and Saturday brunch was with friends AND kids we love but some of the neighborhood kids that come over to play irritate the hell out of me.  I think we were spoiled by our next door neighbor Ricky who is a wonderful guy.  But some other kids I am just lousy at being nice to…..and if I think they aren’t being nice to my Owen…..we’ll, watch out.  sigh.  When I went to kindergarten my mother worried about me because I didn’t like any of the kids….little did she know that it was a life long condition….

6.  I spent much of the weekend pouring over gardening catalogues and making plans for revamping my front yard this year.  I hope Ernie is gearing up….