To continue in my nostalgic vein, albeit a bit more erratically…..
Here’s a picture of me and my two older sisters.  The date on the pictures says 1971 but that’s just from my parents’ habit of developing photos years after they were taken.  Although if you want to believe I was a little toddler in 1971 that’s o.k. too.  When I showed this to the boys they were awestruck.  They said, "are they trying to FEED you?".  I said, "yes, my sisters were very good to me" and they both looked at me knowingly and said, "except when Aunt Judi made you eat the orange peel."  Well, yeah, except then….  Aren’t they  beautiful?  Note the gloves!


Here’s a picture of Ernie with the Dead Reckoning crew.  Must be ten years ago or so….everyone looks a bit younger.  Ernie is very happy.  I love them so.


O.K…..this isn’t an old picture but I liked it. Japanese  Vibernum at work:


I think the key to lightness of heart might be to spend more times with friends.  A week or so ago I had brunch with my friend Sasha and other good friends and it made me feel so relaxed.  Tonight we had pizza with our dearest friends Ann and Bob and Sophie and I swear the whole family seems more at peace.  An important lesson.  I need to remember it.