I can’t decide if I’m a bad person or a good person.  I’m a bad person because I SERIOUSLY considered lying to my parents Sunday morning.  The alarm went off at 6:30 and with the daylight saving change it was still dark and I just thought….I can NOT do this this morning.  I even asked Leo in a hopeful voice, "do you feel a little sick honey?" but he cheerfully replied that he felt fine.  I thought about lying—but I can’t let my kids hear me lie…..I figured if I did lie I would lie about Leo because Owen would say he hadn’t been sick and they would believe them but Leo would say that and they would just figure it was typical Leo stubbornness denying it….  However I couldn’t do it because I knew my father would insist on walking to church and it would cause a fight, etc., so I grumpily pulled myself out of bed and got the boys ready and got us all over to my folks.  I had called my parents at 7:00 to make sure they were awake (they’ve been staying up late but that’s a whole ‘nother story) and I figured Dad had a good hour and a half to get dressed…..not long enough, let me tell you.  He’s got these pants that are too small for him which I can’t figure out as he’s probably thinner than he’s ever been…I don’t THINK they are my mother’s.  Anyway I finally just forced myself on him to help him which I don’t think he wanted….I got the pants zipped up a little way and got his shoes on and told him we just have to go.  I told him he was fine.  In the van he started trying to explain why the pants were too small, I told him he looked just fine and not to worry about it and he said defiantly, "I won’t" but then he kept fussing with his pants which broke my heart.  It is so hard sometimes.

We went shopping and then the boys and I stayed for lunch and hung out for awhile.  I should have spent some time doing laundry, etc. for them but I just sat and talked to my Mom.  My Dad dozed in his chair and whenever he started leaning dangerously we yelled "DAD" and he would right himself.  Owen is particularly good at it.  We MUST try to call about getting a home care worker this week.  I start to think things are going o.k. and then I go over there or spend time with them and I realize, "oops, it’s NOT".  sigh.  I don’t know.

I’ve whined enough of late though so I will leave you with some pictures of my weekend—there were some wonderful moments….and I spent part of the afternoon cleaning up the yard and thinking about my garden!!!!

these hyacinths are so fragrant—the whole living room is filled with their scent


Leo’s lego construction:


rare photo-documentation of Leo’s missing tooth:


Owen blowing bubbles to Bob’s amazement: