Well, Ernie is off to start setting up at Fox Valley so it’s just the boys and me for a couple of days. Leo got off to school and then Owen looked at me and said “Do I have to go to school today?” And I thought about how busy I have been and how much I didn’t feel like getting dressed and driving him to Urbana and driving back home and then going back to pick him up and I said, “No. No, you just don’t have to go to preschool today.” I know this may be another notch on the badmother meter but hey—it’s preschool and you know what? Owen is ready, ready, ready for kindergarten so who the hell cares!

So I’ve been busy working (work stuff and some freelance stuff) but feeling pleasantly lazy just the same. Owen is watching the wretched Garfield movie for the umpteenth time and eating his head off. I’m saying it must be a growth spurt because the child won’t stop eating.

Speaking of Owen, last night he looked at me and said thoughtfully, “it’s going to be so sad when your parents die.” I agreed and said it will be one of the saddest things that will ever happen to me but everbody dies eventually….and besides they are just fine right now. He nodded and then said, “they won’t be able to babysit us so we’ll have to stay home all the time.” So I’m not entirely sure where his concern came from….he might just be thinking that someday there will come a time when he won’t have an endless supply of freezepops and grandparents to boss around….and he’ll be stuck at home to boot.