Man, I woke up tired this morning.  Busy weekend.  Dragged myself off to pick up my dad–he was again wearing the pants that won’t zip.  I’ve got to get rid of them.  I still don’t understand how he can have pants too small when he keeps losing weight.  So he was wearing the pants that don’t zip and an old undershirt under his jacket and no cane of course because I haven’t gotten the new shillelagh yet.  Oh well.  Church was fine.  Coffee afterward was fine.  He doesn’t talk as much as he used to.  I feel guilty that I find it easier sometimes than when he was trying to tell everyone his WWII stories and wouldn’t stop talking.  Mostly he just talks a little bit about how it gets harder every week and how he needs to pray for the lost soldiers on his sister ship. His eyes get teary and sometimes his mouth trembles when he talks about them.  No wonder his heart breaks for what the current war is doing to the people fighting it.  Anyway, afterwards we went to the grocery store where they are remodeling.  By  this time I had a pounding headache and the combination of a grocery store with everything in new locations and a father with Alzheimer’s almost made me grab a package of pepperoni and stuff it in my mouth.  Another Sunday.  The boys are off to a birthday party and I might make Ernie take me out to lunch….