Had a pretty good day. Church. Coffee. Shopping. Met the homecare person. Picnic at West Side Park with the boys. Came home. Walked into kitchen. Curled up asleep on my kitchen floor was a SNAKE. I ran outside and tried to figure out what to do. I was afraid perhaps I was just paranoid and it was a piece of rope curled up so I sent Leo in to check. He came out wringing his hands and said, “it’s a snake Mom, what do we do?” So I went what any thinking person would do and went to find my neighbor Jeff. He was very kind and removed the snake. I think he laughed at my hysteria but I’m hoping it was affectionately….

I finally came in (the boys went in first) and immediately went upstairs to my bedroom, because it’s furthest from the stairs, and sat and cried. Owen sat next to me stroking my arm and telling me it was all right. Then God help me, I asked my five year old to get me a glass of wine. He came back proudly bearing it in a plastic wineglass as he knows he’s not supposed to use mine. The boys coaxed me downstairs but now they’ve left me to go play with a neighbor. I’m here alone….in the snake house…..


  1. I once cried because there was a bee in my apartment and I couldn’t get it out, so if I found a snake I would probably abandon all my belongings (except my computer) and move…or in the real world, do exactly what you did.