I was 25 minutes late for work today because I had to take time out to murder my eldest son. 

Over the weekend he had announced that it was TV Turn Off Week.  O.K., I’m not going to argue, so sure, it’s TV Turn Off Week.  Evidently they’d been talking about this in school. However what sounded like a good idea to Leo yesterday did not exactly resonate in a positive way with him this morning…..  This morning in fact he was so wounded by not being able to watch a cartoon while he ate breakfast that indeed, he did not eat any breakfast, or drink any liquid, or do anything but lay in a blanket covered lump on the couch and refuse to get dressed and go to school.  Now, how exactly not going to school gets you TV I don’t know.  I stayed pretty restrained and was MUCH NICER TO HIM THAN HE DESERVED.  grrrr.  We told him calmly that we would pack away his train if he wouldn’t go to school.  His response was a measured look and "for how long?"  "TIL CHRISTMAS" we said.  Then he said, "well, it’s not working right anyway" so I assured him that Daddy would fix the god damn train if he would just put  his clothes on.  Then he said he couldn’t go because he’d be late.  O.K.  I must admit…..I did yell then.  I couldn’t help it.  Because quietly commenting that it was his own damn fault just would not have felt nearly as good.


He finally stomped (and I mean stomped) into the bathroom, slammed the door and then stomped back out and out of the house, his little backpack and lunch box quivering with rage.

What does not kill me makes me stronger.


What does not kill me makes me tired.  That’s MY version.

Man I love my sweet pea though.  I just hurt for him when he’s so angry against nothing and everything.  And I worry about Owen who is busy crouching behind me whispering suggestions into my ear, "maybe you should tell him if he gets dressed and goes to school you’ll buy vanilla wafers" or "maybe you should tell him you’ll get him doughnuts."

My sweet peas.

And I gotta say, if he thinks I’m skipping the Gilmore Girls tomorrow night he’s crazy…..

2 thoughts on “No blood was spilled…

  1. All I can say is that Owen is going to go far in life. As will Leo,in his own Leo-way! I love these boys! And Leo is learning quite early that the reality of our ideals is not nearly as wonderful as we thought they would be… Love, Judi