We did a fair amount of work in the yard this weekend. We (well, actually Ernie did most of it but I supervise very well) moved some plants and divided some of our ornamental grasses.  They are several years old and had gotten so big that they flopped over in rain or snow.  We are short on sun in our yard so I don’t have anyplace for some of the divisions.  Anybody interested?  If you are from Champaign or Urbana and need some, let me know. They are already dug up so need to be planted soon. The divisions are probably the same size as when we bought them and they go for $20 or more at that size.  First post/email, first serve.  I have several of both that you see in the pictures below from last September. Oh, and I have sedum (it’s Autumn Joy sedumn, in the front of the second picture) to give away too.



In other gardening news, we went to Prairie Gardens and spent way too much money. Leo picked out some flowers for his garden and was intent on getting a bird feeder.  He can’t wait until the birds start eating the bird seed.  Here he is pointing out the location to Ernie:


And here it is in all its glory….come on birds…..


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