Leo’s beloved friend Luke and his brother Duncan came over yesterday afternoon and Ernie fearlessly guided them through coloring eggs.  Luke wanted to make a copper colored egg—how cool is that?  I was pretty impressed with his result (the copper one is in the front).


Owen, Leo and Luke:


Then of course we had the Science Share in the evening (I was reprimanded for calling it the Science Fair).  Leo was beyond excited about going and as we walked through the hallways I got just a glimmer of the feeling of excitement that I had as a child going to a school event at night.  Remember how different the school seemed….and getting to show your parents where things were? 

Here is the giant pyramid that they turned into a penguin by adding feet, flippers and a beak.  Ernie and I kept calling it a pyraguin or a penguamid much to Leo’s irritation.


and of course….the famous penguin poster:


Life is good.