1.  It was nice to wake up on Saturday morning and see Cheerios on the living floor.  It meant Baby Silas (not so baby anymore) had been there. Silas is amazing and even Ernie, who swears he’s ‘over babies’ was quite smitten.  Look at the beautiful Eckhardt family.  Some of my favorite people and another instance of my ‘spend more time with friends’ campaign.


2.  Sunday was Palm Sunday and of course it’s a very dark day.  The music was correspondingly dark and that always gets me.  My Dad had a terribly hard time staying awake during mass.  I kept tugging him upright.  I find it so painful when he pulls out his wallet to give me the money for collection.  They’ve taken all his credit cards and things out of it because he kept losing it.  So all that’s in there is some money and odd and ends like Barnes and Noble rewards card.  He pulls them all out and goes through them though and I gotta tell you it just breaks my heart.

He seems to have lost his shillelagh and refuses to use the other cane that used to be my grandfather’s.  His shillelagh MUST be somewhere as he doesn’t go anywhere but we can’t find it.  We’ve looked outside and inside to no avail.

3.  My mother had called me the other day and said she’d talked to the homecare person and she didn’t seem too thrilled.  The woman had called her ‘sweety’ and my mother was not thinking maybe she should have gone with a housekeeping service.  I tried to ignore her and not get irritated.  Anyway—the woman came over on Sunday after church to meet my parents.  I liked her a lot.  I didn’t ask my mother.

4.  Yesterday pre-snake I was having a great day.  The boys LOVE West Side Park.