1. Billy Joe……what’s going on? 

AUSTIN — A man shot and wounded by country singer Billy Joe Shaver
outside a bar has told police the attack was unprovoked, an account
that differs from his attorney’s claims of self-defense.

One witness said Shaver followed the victim, Billy B. Coker, 50, out
of Papa Joe’s Texas Saloon in Lorena on Saturday night and asked,
"Where do you want it?" before shooting him in the face, according to
an arrest warrant affidavit.

Another witness said that after hearing gunfire, she went outside
and heard Shaver say to Coker, "Tell me you are sorry," and "Nobody
tells me to shut up," according to the affidavit signed by acting
Lorena Police Chief John Moran.

Coker told police that he and Shaver had been talking inside for an
hour or more and discovered that Shaver’s wife was the widow of Coker’s
cousin. Coker said Shaver later asked him to go outside and then said,
"Where do you want it?" before shooting him in an unprovoked attack,
according to the affidavit.

Coker was released Tuesday from a Waco hospital.

Shaver’s attorney Joseph A. Turner has said Coker was drunk,
aggressive and had a knife and that he followed Shaver outside. Turner
said that while witness accounts in any incident will differ somewhat,
especially when people have been drinking, he is surprised that the
documents do not mention the knife.

"Clearly the witnesses did not see the whole thing if they didn’t see the knife," Turner told the Associated Press today.

On Tuesday afternoon Shaver surrendered at the McLennan County Jail
in Waco and posted $50,000 bond. Shaver, 67, of Waco is charged with
aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawfully carrying a
handgun on the premises of a business with a license to sell alcohol
for on-premises consumption.

Shaver has a concealed handgun license, but guns are not allowed in businesses that sell alcohol, Moran said.

Just hours after turning himself in and posting bond, Shaver
entertained about 200 fans with songs from his just-released "Greatest
Hits" album.

At the close of Tuesday night’s half-hour set at Waterloo Records,
Shaver told the crowd: "Don’t forget to pray for me, and tell your kids
to pray for me, too."


2.  The cherry blossoms were truly ephemeral as last night it went down to the 20’s and has been spitting snow this morning.

3.  Tonight is the Science Share at Leo’s school and he is very excited.  Reportedly he and some other kids built a giant pyramid out of magnetics….and I guess we’ll see the penguin poster….

4. I’m still having problems taking off my shoes when I walk around my house…..particularly snake kitchen….

5.  Today is the first day of my parent’s homecare person.  She will just be there three hours a week, primarily to do cleaning and laundry.  Cross your fingers that my mother likes having her there…..because selfishly speaking, it’s a weight off MY shoulders….

6. Before last night’s return of winter: