1.  What was I thinking?  There wasn’t a new Gilmore Girls last night…it was a repeat and not even a particularly good one.  IT. WAS. A. REPEAT.    Just when I needed a new episode too.  Even Owen was disappointed.

2.  Just when I think Leo is maturing incredibly and getting so helpful and good about sharing and being kind to his brother…..he reminds me that he is Leo by bellowing for a good half hour….just periodic expressions of rage….by himself in the kitchen because he had to share the last two chocolate chip waffles with his brother.  Why do I even buy the damn things?  I should be smarter than that.

3. Speaking of junk food that I never thought in a million years I would let my child eat….  Yesterday at the store Owen begged for a Lunchables pizza and his father bought it for him.  Last night after Ernie and Leo went to Cub Scouts Owen, with great ceremony and excitement, made the two little pizzas and mixed up his drink. He insisted on giving me one of the little pizzas and since he thought this was one of the greatest gifts in the world I couldn’t argue.  The thing is….snuggled up on the couch with Owen and his pizza and reading a cooking magazine while Owen watched a cartoon—-it tasted really good….

4. I have to go shopping for something to wear to a work thing this weekend.  Let me just say I hate shopping.  Ernie has told me that I shop like a man….get in, out, get just what you need, all accompanied by a certain amount of panic.  I prefer online shopping but have left it too late. ugh.

5. This week I will have to work Friday evening until rather late (a reception after work, followed by a dinner) and then Saturday I will have to be here all day and go to a  dinner afterwards and then Sunday morning of course I will do the church/coffee/shopping thing….which means my weekend will consist of an exhausted  Sunday afternoon.  Am I whining or what? Yes I am.

6.  I am so spacy these days. Yesterday when we were done with all my parents’ appointments I parked them in the lobby of the south clinic and went to get the car.  Given all the construction that’s going on around there you have to walk to the parking garage and then drive several blocks out of your way to get back to pick them up.  So as I was sitting there at a traffic light on University Avenue all of a sudden I thought, "oh, right—I have to go pick up mom and dad!!"  I wonder how long they would have sat there if I had just driven home.  I should probably go on Aracept right now….