1.  This post may be even more random than usual.  I woke up with a cold or some kind of bug combined with my allergies this morning.  Feel rotten so I gave in and called in sick.

2.  I got Dad’s shillelagh in the mail and am pleased with it.  It’s not as heavy as his old one but it’s pretty cool.  I had Ernie and Owen bring it over after Owen got out of preschool yesterday and Dad was really pleased.  I wasn’t sure if he’d really react but he was delighted.  He even got on the phone with me and I could tell by his voice that he was touched.  By the way Debbie and Judi—-I told him it was from all three of us (thanks for the donations) and I think it meant a lot to him.  Of course, later when he went outside he didn’t want to use it because he wants to be careful of it so I’m not sure how much physical help it will be….

3.  The other day Mom had a bad reaction and found Dad had put the orange juice in the freezer.  I find all sorts of odd things in the freezer…mustard, empty dishes, oreos…now orange juice.  I guess she found another carton of juice still in the refrigerator.  Things are definitely getting more rocky….

4. The boys seem really delighted with their rhymes for  ‘daddy’s bad words’.  They keep adding to the list with great pleasure—-Leo said, "oh well, there’s just plain Tuck" and Owen said, "oh, and there’s Hit too."  Loved the ‘other truck’ and f-word comments.

5.  Fantastic chicken under a brick that my husband made the other night:


6.  Our current hallway installation:


7.  Lots of standing in the middle of the yard staring at things and planning going on.  Ernie came up with a really good idea of where to relocate our ornamental grass and tomatoes.  I can’t wait.  And I hope the freezes are over because I’ve got tomato plants sitting on my kitchen counter!