1.  Last night we forgot to feed our children.  This is not good.  I got home a bit after five and they arrived from Owen’s soccer soon after.  I was all excited about getting my plants in the ground as it was going to rain last night.  The boys were wound up and running around the yard playing.  Ernie and I were planning to grill a steak later.  We had some nice baby bok choy to go with it.   Soon it was 7:00 and time for Gilmore Girls.  Then we went back outside and soon the guys began asking for various foods.  At first I just said, "oh, it’s too late to make something like that" and then oops, I realized I had never fed them.  Plants really shouldn’t take priority over your children.  So we did feed them but they were up rather late.  I stir fried some shrimp and napa cabbage for us as I was too tired to start grilling.  The best laid plans…..

2.  The sight of Leo’s face when he saw birds eating from his birdfeeder for the first time more than made up for his recent stubbornness.  He’s trying to keep a chart of how many birds he sees eat from it each day.  This could be tricky but Leo is up to it I’m sure.  When he saw a cardinal at his birdfeeder I thought he might burst.

3.  I planted two kinds of rosemary, lots of basil and parsley, pineapple mint, lovage, oregano and we relocated some chives, thyme and sage.  We also planted our tomatoes (Brandywines, German Pink, Mexican  Midget and Yellow Pear) from Seedsavers. We still need to get some pepper plants and a few more herbs but with our space that’s about all we can squeeze in…well except for the flowers of course!  Leo will have his carrot garden and he is planning purple and purple/white petunias and sunflowers for his garden.  I’m not quite sure what Owen has in mind yet.  Probably sunflowers and some blue flowers.

4.  Busy week this week with work events, Dr.Howard ARTNITE, Artists Against Aids, Saturday Art School exhibition, another damn birthday party and then my Sunday stuff.  I’m happiest when I’m just sitting in my front yard looking at my garden, waiting for dusk to come so we can all watch for the bats to come out, talking about random things and holding a sweet pea on my lap.

One thought on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I remember one time when Connie’s girls were about Leo and Owen’s age and she was entertaining and the girls were getting cranky. I had to figure out a gentle way to ask her, ummmm have you fed them?!? She had forgotten too!