Remember that Robbie Robertson song from the late 80’s?  The lyrics are sort of spoken and he says "this is sure stirring up some ghosts for me."  Well my ghosts were definitely stirred up yesterday as I had to spend a couple of hours at my old jobplace.  Luckily I saw some people I like and miss but the whole thing left me sleepless the night before and exhausted afterward.  It makes me realize how much happier I am now though so I guess it wasn’t all bad.  A little self assessment is a good thing at times. SOMETIMES.

In other news, when Ernie went to pick  Owen up from preschool yesterday his teacher told him that Owen had been acting up a bit and so she told him if he didn’t stop she would have to talk to his Dad.  Owen looked at  her and thought and then said, "Could you tell my Mom instead?"  Always thinking, that boy….