Yesterday was a rotten day and poor Ernie had to have five teeth pulled to top it off.  I didn’t expect that having that done would bring the day of his prostatectomy back to me so strongly.  However….having a doctor in scrubs telling me he did well, having Ernie a little woozy from the anesthesia, trying to take care of him afterwards as well as dealing with the boys… brought back the day of his prostate cancer surgery back to me….sitting in the waiting room for ten hours that day.  My sister Judi was there with me for a few hours in between shuffling the boys around but the rest of the time I was there by myself.  A difficult day and one I didn’t expect to pop into my consciousness so strongly yesterday.  Had some unrelated disappointing news to boot yesterday and it all led to me waking up this morning with puffy eyes so I can’t even deny to myself that I was teary from it all.

Ah well.  Easter egg hunt at West Side Park this morning.  Granted it’s only 26 degrees out. 

My poor bleeding heart plants…..they’re my favorite spring flower too (isn’t that appropriate?)….we covered them but I think this may have been too much for them….  At least the cold means I don’t have worry about snakes.  Talk about searching for a silver lining….

2 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Did I miss something? Why did poor Ernie have to have 5 teeth pulled AT ONCE? Oy. I remember my dentist not wanting to do all four wisdoms because he said “You couldn’t take it, believe me.” Geez, happy Easter.

  2. I don’t know exactly why they had to do them all at once—it was several wisdom teeth and then two that were cracked or something and had to go….now we get to pay for implants. Ironically, his entire 2 1/2 years of cancer treatment, including major surgery, months of radiation and years of hormones, cost us far less than this one visit…. He’s doing pretty well considering…..