I should know better than to tempt karma.  On Tuesday I really wanted to stay home and watch Gilmore Girls as opposed to taking a school bus to Squeakapalooza.  So I stayed home with Owen while Ernie and Leo went to Squeakapalooza.  I watched Gilmore Girls….which was good….but I MISSED BON JOVI NIGHT ON AMERICAN IDOL.  Karma will get you every time.

Oh well, I got to see him last night. Owen watched it with me with great pleasure.  Leo said, "I hate American Idol" and stalked out of the room.  Owen then asked Ernie if he had ever played with Bon Jovi.  I think because Ernie knows Adam Schmitt, Owen thinks he knows ALL rock stars….  Ernie just calmly told him that no, he had never played with Bon Jovi.

Well I read there is an opening DJ for the Marky Ramone DJ set tonight at the Highdive and he won’t start until 11:00 p.m.  Oh well, so much for me……I’m no V’ron who can can have young kids and still manage to stay out late…..