oh my gosh, a good but very busy weekend.  Woke up yesterday morning tired from a night with a sleepless Owen feeling the pain of an ear infection.  I had to run to my folks, change the dressing on my mother’s foot and then take off for a meeting in Chicago.  Ernie had to haul Owen to the doctor and then go to his oncologist for a check up and PSA test results.  I was very upset at not being able to be there as I have sworn that I will always be there whenever he has to go to the oncologist but scheduling the meeting was very complicated and I couldn’t back out.  So I left Ernie with strict instructions to call me as soon as his appointment was over and took off with my cel phone sitting next to me.  I grabbed it as soon as it rang and  when I heard it was Ernie I anxiously said, "well, how was everything?" and he casually said, "oh it’s an ear infection, they gave him some amoxicillin…." and I had to yell "NOT OWEN YOU BIG IDIOT….WHAT ABOUT YOU?"  sigh.  He is totally confident–I’m the one that worries incessantly.  But he was correct and his PSA was undetectable and the results have been so good that he now switches to appointments every six months.  Woo-hooo!

I got to the Loop a bit early and wandered around.  I lived in the city and worked in the Loop for many years so it’s incredibly familiar to me but of course I’ve also been away a dozen years so there’s a new, Daley-ized gloss to it all that is unfamiliar.  Still nice to be there though.  I went to The Store Formerly Known as Field’s (I guess it needs a unpronouncable symbol now) and got an iced tea.  I still love that building.



It was a hazy, hot day but I took some pictures so the boys could see where I sat waiting for my meeting to begin.


As nice as it was to be in the city, it was nicer to be back at home.  The boys greeted me with kisses, showed me their Lego constructions and then got busy catching fireflies and begging for jars with holes in the top.  Leo put his jar in the center of the table with the candlesticks so they could light our dinner.

And of course seeing my undetectable-PSA husband made me very happier than anything else could….