1.  Owen has seen fit to inflict me with his cold. sigh.  I had planned to have a big party this Friday but think that I’m putting it on hold.   Thankfully I had been late with invitations, just vaguely telling people we might have a party.  I think I’ll just have a couple of friends over and save the full fledged party for later in the summer when I feel better and my garden is in a better state.  Right now my zinnia seeds are just breaking through the ground.

Look at my sweet pea:


2.  We had a good time at Third Sunday despite Owen and I feeling rotten.  Luckily I don’t get quite as whiny as Owen does when I feel sick.  Don’t ask my husband to corroborate that however….

We managed to get a few good buys—somebody just back from Brimfield had some nice early stuff.  We also bought several things for resale that the boys seem to think are theirs….we’ve got to work on this.  Also bought a huge metal railroad crossing sign for Leo.  The thing weighs a ton—not sure how we’ll hang it in his  room but by all rights Leo just ought to have a real railroad crossing sign and it was a mere $35…..


3. We grilled some chicken breasts with a lemon-mustard-tarragon marinade.  Normally I love it but I think my cold has dulled my taste buds.  However I wasn’t sure what to have with it so tiredly threw together some orzo with sauteed asparagus, more tarragon, grated parmesan and fontina cheese and some browned butter….oh. my.  It outshone the chicken by far.  I’ve never used browned butter much but the sweet nuttiness of it with the asparagus and cheese, etc. was marvelous.  Yay Cynthia!


2 thoughts on “Random Notes and Pictures from the Sandwich Life

  1. Owen is such a dead ringer for how I remember Ernie back in early 80s C-U.
    Oh, definitely wait till later in the summer for a full blown garden party. I usually do one in August, when the tomatoes and basil are in peak, just to smell basil amongst all the flowers and greenery….