1.  For some unknown reason I was incredibly tired yesterday.  I came home from work and Ernie and Leo went off to Cub Scouts and normally I would either be outside with Owen or doing something semi-productive in the house.  Instead I just suggested we watch a movie.  He picked Toy Story and I must say I highly recommend Owen as a movie watching companion.  He howls with laughter at the appropriate times, reassures you when things are looking tense and covers your eyes for you if something scary is going to happen.  Of course in moments of excitement he also puts both hands on your head and forces you to look at the screen (instead of looking at that annoying newspaper) but that’s understandable…he just doesn’t want you to miss anything.  Anyway—it made me supremely happy.  Owen wants Aunt Judi and and Aunt Debbie to watch the movie with him too.

2. The Cub Scouts went to the library last night.   Leo very proudly tucked his library card in his uniform pocket and came home with a stack of books.  I was jealous.

3.  I find it really hard to get the boys to bed early on these long, warm evenings.  We watched the bats and then I let Owen get into bed with me while I read for awhile.  Of course I had to take breaks to read him some of his favorite books periodically.


I tried to convince Owen to lay still and close his eyes so I could read some more of my trashy novel.  He did for awhile but then they popped open and….

Owen:  Do you know why I cried when I came out of your stomach Mommy? 

Me:  hmmm, no I don’t Owen

Owen:  Because I was happy to be out….AND I was SO happy that you were my mommy that I cried.

So of course I had to put my book down, kiss him and read him another book.  He’s pretty smart that one…..

4.  I haven’t even talked about the Gilmore Girls, have I?  I’m almost too sad to comment.  Not that it’s been as good, not that I thought it would go on much longer…..but only TWO episodes. sigh. We’re planning a party for the last show. Leo has decided that we will have Reese’s peanut butter cups,  Hershey’s bar, miniature chocolate chip cookies and something else choco-centric that I can’t recall.  I’m not sure what the rest of us will be having but I have a whole week to plan….

3 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I too am very sad about the Gilmore Girls. I look forward to the show all week and cannot think of one show that will take its place.