1.  Well, I’ve been sick.  I’m not sure if it was the questionable leftover shrimp I ate for lunch the other day or merely my body saying, "Hey you—you need to collapse and sleep" but either way I was down and out for a day or so.  As much as I didn’t enjoy being sick it felt good to just sleep….

2.  Despite my illness the Gilmore Girls party was a big success.  The boys were thrilled with the pinata and the candy kept them quiet while I watched the finale.  sigh.


Things just won’t be the same on Tuesday evenings….  R.I.P. Gilmore Girls


3. The reason the dining room table behind the pinata looks particularly messy is because half our kitchen is in the dining room as we are finally, at long last, having a kitchen floor put in.  We’ve only been living with a torn up floor for about two years now.  I was amazingly indecisive about it but finally came upon some red tile that we loved.  We also splurged and are having the backsplash and wall tiled.  I love it!!! It changes the room incredibly.  Now I just need my friend Gisela to come back from Puerto Rico and sit and talk to me while I cook. 

Here is the what the backsplash and one of our walls look like:


And here is the floor:


Come on over Gisela….

4.  Only four more days of preschool for my baby and he’ll be a full-fledged kindergartener.  sniff.

2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. As I was making plans to return to C-U the other day I thought to myself “what would be the perfect dinner for Cynthia to cook for me when I get there????” (I am not making this up!) I thought something with the small potatoes you made the last time I was there. Anything you make will be wonderful! Can’t wait to be there with that beautiful red floor talking with you and hanging out while you cook (and I pretend to help). Will be there soon! Love you and miss you, Gisela.