I’m putting the rest of the Vertebrats Dance Marathon and documentary clips here so I can happily stay on my own little blog when I want to watch them all (the first clips are in the post below).

And yes, Ernie and I are sitting here drinking wine being bad parents by doing what we want and letting our kids watch Jimmy Neutron….

10 thoughts on “The rest of the Vertebrats clips

  1. Dang, we must have some weird block thing going on at work. I still can’t see any videos you put up, but I’m sure I’ve seen them all. Don had sent an email about a small world with Luke Frye — yes, David Frye did a VERY LONG documentary with VERY BORING self-important interviews with us. If that’s what’s up there, the very best part is catching Matt YAWNING during the interview. The last Dance Marathon video is pretty good, as I recall – very late era VBs, at the old Studio One. I love the screen crawlers about cats consuming so much darn food. Hope you had some good chuckles.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for putting these up! And its an easy click away to get to them!
    Man, they are soooooo young.
    We all were.

  3. Oh, and Kenny — lots of large companies (mine included) block YouTube. (Myspace too). Partly because, well, there are very few BUSINESS reasons for needing YouTube, but mostly because streaming video is a major bandwidth sucker. Before we blocked it, there would be times during the day when the network would come to a screeching halt.

  4. I’m tempted to stay home from work today to watch these. Strangely my company does not block youtube (they seem strict about blocking just about anything else), but watching videos at my desk is not a good career move.

  5. Yep, they are the ones you are thinking of Kenny—and the documentary is not boring—although the wine may have helped. The dance marathon stuff is great….

  6. Wow, what a trip looking back on these clips and the sounds of my college daze remembering U of I and ‘PGU.
    You never know what you’ll find…thought I’d just search for Vertebrats just for fun today.
    (once known as “Dano”)

  7. I am Daniel now. Living a much different life as CFO of small technology company in Boston: http://www.longwatch.com
    Yesterday was my 15th Wedding anniversary to Carol who I met at a Vb show at Mabels on a very hot summer night…thus the nostalgia!