I’ve discovered a delicious new vice…..buying books for Leo.  I mean, who doesn’t love to  go into a bookstore, browse in the coolness for awhile and then buy some new-smelling books?  MMM-mmmm.  However, of course books are expensive and I have a perfectly good library card and I don’t find as much time as I’d like to read anyway……. 

However, if the  books you buy are all for the good of your child—-well, what the hell, huh?  And if you find a copy of the Boxcar Kids where they live in a caboose again, well, what are you going to do?

I love bookstores.


As I was cooking dinner the other night I heard yelling and various expletives coming from the media room.  I went in to see what the problem was and my husband (who can have a hair-trigger temper even though people who don’t know him well never believe that) was yelling at the cat for ripping his shirt.  From the sound of things, Ernie was convinced that this was the last shirt he owned.  I was really going for a peaceful evening so I calmly and lovingly told him I would buy him another shirt and not to yell at Harlan, he’s old and decrepit and we never trim his nails.

After I returned to the kitchen, Ernie said Owen turned to him and said, "Isn’t Mommy a nice girl to come in here when you’re upset and make  you feel better?  I love her."

Everybody should have an Owen.  Everybody.

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