You know another reason I love my husband?  Because he loves to go on garden walks with me.  He actually was the one to have the forethought to get the tickets a week or so ago and put them proudly on the front of the refrigerator.  How lucky am I?  AND he likes to weed….

So on a gray and cool Saturday we dropped the boys off at my folks and set off.  Many of the gardens were great but I must say, by and large, they make me appreciate and be proud of parts of my garden.  The thing that really always stands out are the bones of the garden….good and interesting trees….nice hardscape….there was definitely some stone terraces and edging I was jealous of.  It’s a wonderful way to get ideas…..and also have to chance to peer at peoples’ houses!  Without a doubt the highlight was Mike and Taya Ross’ garden.  My picture doesn’t really capture it but it was definitely the most creative and appealing of them all. 


Although I do find myself drawn to shade gardens by and large….  This garden had a wonderful use of evergreen trees that really gave me pause.  We need to kind of rethink our garden and put in some small trees, etc. that will give it some winter bones….


In the evening we listened to the rain pour….a wonderful sound anyway, but particularly after our drought like year.  This morning I did the church and shopping stuff with my Dad and then took my mother clothes shopping.  Schlepping her wheelchair in and out of the car in 100% humidity may have taken a few years off my life but she had a great time.  Sometimes it’s a little hard to get her out but then she lights up when she’s out of the house.  Afterward I drove her by some of the gardens we’d seen yesterday, which she loved.  She’s trying taking pain pills—they help but make her nauseous.  Anyway—it was overall a good day but I gotta say it took it out of me and I still have the headache to prove it.  She did say that maybe we should look into the cheaper assisted living option.  It will kill my father to give up his cats though.  I can NOT put those cats to sleep and Ernie, as wonderful as he is, has said NO to us taking them.  I’m not sure what I’ll do about that…..

My dearest neighbor Dave lost his father yesterday and I also heard from my very,very good friend Kathleen that her mother had died.  Not long ago our friend Jeff lost his father and not that long before that our friend Doug lost his mother.  A sign of my age I guess but it also makes me realize I need to cherish these times with my parents….headache or no headache…..

4 thoughts on “a summer weekend

  1. Loving the new look now, did you tweak it? I am so jealous of your garden, I want it all without the thought and work! Enjoying the countdown to Maine. I now want to go Montana this summer, just a thought. Not that your Mother needs another medicine, but when I was on pain meds they were able to give me another pill to deal with the nausea. I’m so proud of the swimming boys and dig the swim shirts. Miss ya….

  2. Why Montana? Sounds great though….good idea about medication for the nausea….
    Have you bought your tickets for BILLY JOE SHAVER ON JULY 20 AT THE HIGHDIVE yet?

  3. HI Cynthia,
    Just trolling around today, and thought of your site. Glad I did! RE: the Garden Walk. I was impressed by the Ross place, but then the folks I was with [a Master Gardener and another who’s an arborist for the City of Champaign]got to thinking. “Do you really have to spend umpteen thousands of dollars and import tons of rock to create a nice space?” We don’t think so. That, and the obvious look of plants that were just put in 2 weeks ago, made us slightly disappointed in the Walk overall. My favorite was George Grubb’s–with all the nice trees.
    Loved your backyard photos. I noticed that your house is painted in the exact tri-color style of ours in Urbana [701 E. Oregon]. Weird, huh?
    Is that the top of Cadillac Mountain over which your boys are scampering? 5 years ago we took a trip to Maine with our son, who was still a “teen” back then [daughter was working at the Utah Shakespeare Festival that summer]. Had a fabulous time. Ate lobsters at the most wonderful shack just north of Portland; hiked around Acadia and Penobscott peninsula; went sailing; ate more lobsters and steamers; just had a blast. Matt, our son, took along his skateboard and went down to the square in each town we visited and found many friends. Hope you have a great time!

  4. I know what you mean about the plants just put in Mel. Not that I probably wouldn’t be rushing around planting if hundreds of people were coming to my yard….but at least I wouldn’t leave the pristine plastic marker next to them! Actually, I didn’t take all that much notice of the stone at the Ross place, what I liked was the way she–or they—used repetition of plants. Of course you can’t see it in the picture above, but even in the use of ornamental grasses in the front yard for instance….I really like that repetition or drifts. I also really liked the trees in the Grubb yard—again it brought home to me how much you need good bones for a garden. I was a bit let down with the hostas…which I dearly love….although overall it was lovely of course. Anyway…I could ramble on about gardens….
    That IS funny our houses are painted the same…and no it’s not Cadillac Mountain…it’s Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth or Scarborough or someplace like that close to Portland. Went for a picnic there every year with my grandparents growing up…..
    thanks for stopping by