It’s Ian day today and I’m a bit frazzled. I’m only going to be out of town for a little over 24 hours but it still seems complicated. I’m also in a frenzy at work because I have to finish up a lot of things as my appointment for the year ends next week. ugh.

Last night I got home early enough to go to the boys’ swimming lesson with them. Leo has a marvelous teacher and is really trying—that’s the hardest part for him—being willing to try—so I am incredibly proud of him. He’s happy and nothing is better than a happy Leo. Owen, on the other hand, was so busy smiling and waving at us that he may have missed half the class. At one point the swim instructor was holdling him up so he could practice moving through the water and he was so intent on looking up at her and grinning that he had his whole body twisted around. Not necessarily the most efficient learning but quite charming.

Owen had an eye doctor appointment yesterday and is going to need glasses. When I talked to him on the phone yesterday he just about broke my heart he was so sad. It turns out that he was upset because of the eye drops making the shapes on the tv fuzzy. A couple of freeze pops took care of it but I do wish I hadn’t passed my bad eyes onto my baby. It’s such a shame that they inherit our faults……

One thought on “Ian Day

  1. What a coincedince! Stella had her eye appointment and she too needs glasses. We kind of knew she would; at the ballet a few weeks ago she had a hard time seeing detail and sometimes we see her squint at the TV. She’s convinced she looks awful in glasses, though. She picked out a really cool pair (god help me if I had anything that cool to choose from at her age — I had octagon tortoise shell ones, and those were pretty hip). She insists she won’t wear them — I tell her she’ll like being able to see too much!
    Yeah, I wish she didn’t inherit this either. But both me and her dad had pathetic vision by the time we were her age.
    Maybe I’m her mom, but I think she looks terrific in them.