If you are at all familiar with my boys you probably know that Leo HATES having his picture taken.  In fact, his reflexes are lightening fast so most pictures end up like this:





So correspondingly…you know that when he actually AGREES to having his picture taken….and almost smiles…it’s very important to him indeed.  Here he is with his beloved swimming teacher Adam on their last day of this session of classes.  Adam isn’t teaching the evening swim lessons next time so this was Leo’s last lesson with him (although he offers private lessons and we’re thinking of splurging on them). Adam took a guy who during his swim lessons last summer, spent one week mostly in the corner of the pool and the other week (as a protest against the move to Sholem Pool) refusing to get into the water, and has him swimming. Leo made incredible progress this year with Adam and even better than that he is really proud of himself.  My sweet pea.


Owen was very jealous of Leo’s certificate promoting him to level 4…..and then his teacher gave him one promoting HIM to level 4 also. AHHHHH……for a few short hours yesterday evening…all was right with the world.

Here is Owen getting a chance to dive (well, get dropped) off the high diving board…..into TWELVE feet of water (imagine him telling us this with his hands raised high over his head to emphasize the incredible depth).  My baby….

And then to finish things off was the highlight of it all….a game of Starball between Leo’s class and Owen’s class.  The action is riveting….well, if you’re their parent anyway….