I shouldn’t post this now as one sister is away from her computer but I will anyway.  I have two questions:

Didn’t we have a small pool in our backyard that was yellow corrugated metal sides with blue trim?  Do you remember that? How big was it?  I remember it as huge but Mom says it wasn’t big enough for adults to get into…..

Also:  What was Grandma’s standard Crescent Beach picnic lunch?  I remember sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper (egg salad, tuna salad and my favorite of ground bologna…is that known as bologna salad?) plus hard boiled eggs (brown), plums or peaches and cookies (Lorna Doones and those square coconut cookies with the ridges).  Is that what you remember?  What did we drink? I remember the adults would have thermoses of coffee which I thought was very strange for the beach. Do you remember the little turquoise beach chairs Grandma and Grandpa had?  Those seemed to funny to me….  I still have the picnic basket…remember how she’d close it with clothespins?

Look at this picture of Crescent Beach and see if you can smell the ocean…..


Here are Leo and Owen digging along that little creek that runs into the ocean.  This is from two years ago…note Owen’s boots that he wore for protection from the crabs.  I swear I’ll never forget the sight of him walking OUT of the ocean with water sloshing from his boots….


and my sweet pea Leo


Can you tell I’m itching to go to Maine?  Only 33 days to go…..