1.  oh my gosh…..two more days until Ian Hunter…..

I had been hoping to stay up there (Chicago) for a day or two with Eileen.  Unfortunately I need to be back Friday afternoon to take my mother to a doctor’s appointment.  It’s already been delayed once and it’s important so I’ll have to take off the morning after Ian.  However, Ernie and the boys are going to hang out up there and…..take the TRAIN home.  Hopefully Leo will enjoy it as much as I am hoping.

2.  I’ve been so busy I haven’t even posted about possibly the best wedding celebration ever.  Congratulations Kim and Neighbor.  I am very happy for them—it just seems right.  You know how some people just seem right together?  It was a wonderful evening—great food of course—lots of people we haven’t seen in ages—and it was particularly wonderful to see Simon and Dave. 


This is actually my favorite picture because it seems to capture them the best—-very Neighbor expression on his face and Kim is laughing…..


3.  We’re on the second day of swimming class and so far……Leo LIKES it.  whew.  Owen of course loves it and says it’s AWESOME.  Cross your fingers that Leo continues to like it.  I’ve been obsessively looking at slightly larger pools online.  Our yard is tiny but hey—-if it’s good for the guys, I’ll make room….

4.  Here’s a video from about the time I first saw Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson—I was 17….and man, was I ever smitten…..

5.  Our garden is coming along—-look at my little baby tomatoes….


6. Leo and I came up with a plan for him to try a new food every Sunday.  He agreed to this so it’s a go.  In my mind it always sounds like Duran Duran’s New Moon On Monday when I say New Food on Sunday.

Anyway, this Sunday it was mashed potatoes.  I know, I know, but this is a kid we had to work and work to try ice cream for god’s sake…..  So he tried it—in fact he said he tried it three times but that it tasted odd.  When Ernie tried to say, "Leo, you love french fries—these are just like the inside of french fries, how can you NOT like them?" Leo just looked at him calmly and said, "Dad, we all have tastebuds and we taste things differently."  Uh, o.k. Leo.  It is rare that we have won an argument with him and I imagine it will just get worse…..

My sweet pea.

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